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Hiway Haiku

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Adventure beckons
but, oh! how sweet familiar
ordinary ways
If we shoot the crows
who rows night in over day?
who eats the road kill?
Kajira Wyn Berry Ann Spiers
The sky moving north,
blackberries puckering, winter
on the mind's edge
Huckleberries dance
like raindrops in our bucket
my hands drip purple
Michael Feinstein Jean Ameluxen
It had rained all day,
but the setting sun broke through . . .
horizontal green!
Indian summer gone
swept away
by a sou'wester
Helen Russell Jill Brandeis Andrews
Inching up to the stoplight
arranging the moon
among the branches
Daylight dwindles down
we kindle fires to prepare
for the long night
Ron Simons Kajira Wyn Berry
Pale winter sunlight
scarcely a dent on darkness
solstice tide now turned
The Great Blue Heron
calculates its next strike
. . . ferries late again
Karin Brusletten Ann Spiers
the sea darkens . . .
the wild duck's call
is faintly white